Glamorous Disobedience 3

The oXcars is not just a “Gala”, it is also where we unveil and put into practice new law-related resources and information that allow us to break free from the abuses of the cultural industry and royalty management associations. We advocate the fair distribution of royalties that benefits author/artists and society, not private, non-productive organisations that refuse to adapt to the digital age.

This year’s “Glamorous Disobedience” section brings you the following:

Warning: even if the law may say you are right, that does not mean the SGAE will not sue you, does it ?

  1. The authors of theatre and audiovisual works who are members of the SGAE can also decide if and when the SGAE should charge royalties for their works. (Spanish)
  2. The authors and producers of audiovisual works may manage more freely the royalties if there’s no assignment of rights authorization. (Spanish)
  3. Use only copyright-free playlists for your events: stop paying royalties management bodies (Spanish) (Spanish)
  4. If your ISP agrees to cut off the connections of users who exercise their legitimate right to share files of any kind for private use, terminate your contract and change to a different service provider. (Spanish)